eGood Newsletter (January 19, 2011)

Greetings in the joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

THANK YOU DEACONS! Gary V. and the gang made our Back to the 60s COME AS YOU WERE Fellowship a wonderful success! The highlight of the evening was at the very end when we had an impromptu fundraiser that collected over $30 from folks looking for a chance to dance with Alta! Thanks to Pat Bogusz who can dance and take pictures at the same time. The food was great, the music awesome, and I can still do the Twist and go crazy with SHOUT! Thank you, thank you very much.

9:15 am, Sunday School: the Bible 101 class will find out all the names of Jesus in the book of John! How many are there?
10:30 am, Family Worship

During our worship will will take a few moments to give thanks and glory to God for service of Mary Haney as our clerk of session since the early 1980s.  We are collecting letters and notes of thanks.  Please email or bring your Thank You note to Yvonne in the church office.  We will be putting her Thank You book together up to the last minute so you can bring it Sunday to the office before 10:29:59 am. THANKS!

5:00 pm,  Youth Faith Formation Class
6:00 pm,  Youth Group

Prayer Concerns
Jack Lewis fell on the ice and is being treated at St. Joseph Hospital
Nina Dumars, for healing from pain and discomfort
Kathleen’s mom, Esther Allen, for heart issues

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