‘Tis the Season to Share with Others

Greetings to all in the celebration of Christ’s birth!


In the church office there are 5 color-coded sheets of paper with names of the family members (both adults and children) listed.  We provide 5 gifts per child.

  1. Look over the lists and then ask God to bless all of the families and guide you to make a selection.
  2. Tear off one or more of the gift pledge strips by a person’s given identity.
  3. Purchase the gift and return it to the church UNWRAPED by Dec. 15th.
  4. Attach the tag to the gift. Remember your color and the age of the person you are providing a gift for.  Keep the person/s in prayer.

If you cannot stop by the church office to pick up a gift pledge slip, Call (265-2168) or email Yvonne (9am-1pm) and she can give you the necessary information and sign your name beside the family member.

FAMILY 217 (Total of 16 gifts.  6 Slips available)  VIOLET COLOR
Girl Age 9; Girl Age 7; Girl Age 6; Father

FAMILY 242 (Total of 22 gifts. 10 Slips available)  TEAL BLUE COLOR
Boy Age 12; Boy Age 14; Boy Age 6; Boy Age 4 months; Mother; Father

FAMILY 251 (Total of 22 gifts.  15 Slips available) PEACH COLOR
Girl Age 15; Girl Age 9; Girl Age 4; Boy Age 1; Mother; Father

FAMILY 252 (Total if 21 gufts.  12 Slips available)  GREEN COLOR
Boy Age 7; Boy Age 5; Girl Age 3; Girl 5 Months; Mother

FAMILY 254 (Total 27 gifts. 21 Slips available)  WHITE COLOR
Girl Age 2; Girl 8 Months; Boy Age 9; Girl Age 11; Girl Age 7; Mother; Father


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