eGood Newsletter (September 28, 2010

Dear Friends in Christ!

“‘I am the resurrection and the life,’ says the Lord” (John 11:25)

1)  Yesterday, Rod Murphy’s mother,  Ellen L. Murphy Bolger, died of complications due to Alzheimer’s disease.  Rod is our church custodian.  When Rod’s mother was diagnosed, Rod quit his job in Nebraska and came home to take care of his mother.  He is her only son.  He came to work for us and this has been his sole source of income.  The visitation and worship will be here at our church on Friday, October 1st.  Visitation begins at 11:00 am and the memorial worship service will begin at 1:00 pm.

I want to invite our entire church community to set this time aside to embrace Rod and his family with our love and presence. Please take time on Friday if you have the opportunity to offer your presence and support to him.

Click here to read the full obituary.

2)  A note from Nancy McDermott: Megan McDermott has been honored by her classmates to be on homecoming court at Adrian H.S. On October 1st she will ride in the homecoming parade and then at the game at half time the winner will be announced for queen and king. It doesn’t matter the outcome just that she was chosen it is just nice to see a smile on her face and that something wonderful has just happened in her life. As she walks out on the field at halftime she will be struggling because her father won’t be on the other side of her. I ask for everyone to pray for her, not that she wins, but to give her the strength to walk out on the field minus one parent. She will hold her head high for everyone to see, but inside her heart will be breaking. She is a strong child and I could not be more proud of her than I am at this minute. Love to everyone and thank you for your support and prayers.  (Megan’s father died on April 25th of this year).

3)  World Communion Service this Sunday.  The Peacemaking Offering will be received.

4) Newsletter deadline for October is right now. Yvonne must have info on Tuesday!

5) Youth Group begins on Sunday evening. More info will be sent to our youth and parents.

Jesus loves US this WE know, for the Bible tells US so.

Share the faith,
Pastor Jim

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